Midi's Zitrone

naturally cloudy

The juice of sun-ripened Sicilian organic lemons gives this naturally cloudy lemonade its unmistakable fresh and fruity character. Splashed with fresh mountain spring water and without the addition of artificial aromas, you can involuntarily taste the southern sun. Free of preservatives - 100% ORGANIC.

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Midi's Lemon BIO is ideal as a filler for a summer drink. Together with ice cubes and gin, a refreshing long drink can be conjured up in no time at all.


Fill the glass with ice cubes and add 4 cl gin. Then fill up with 15 cl Midi's Lemon and garnish with a slice of lemon.


- 4 cl Gin
- 15 cl Midi's Lemon - Naturally Cloudy lemonade BIO
- Ice Cubes

Nutrition information

149 kJ / 100 ml
(35 kcal / 100 ml)
< 0,5 g/100 ml
(saturated fat: < 0,1 g/100 ml)
8,2 g / 100 ml
(sugar 7,7 g / 100 ml)
< 0,5 g / 100 ml
< 0,01 g / 100 ml
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