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From light yellow to deep dark and from fruity-light to full-bodied-strong: Our beers are as varied as life - and they are suitable for all occasions and for dishes from a wide variety of kitchens. Discover our wide range of beer specialties and craft beers supplemented by fine brandies and natural fruit juices. In our wide range of drinks, we also carry the best wines from numerous winegrowers.

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Zillertal Bier has stood for the finest Tyrolean beer culture since 1500. Mild fresh spring mountain water, exquisite raw materials such as the best Austrian brewing malt from two-line summer barley, the finest aroma hops from the best growing areas, as well as cold fermentation and long cold maturation times give the noble beer specialties their particularly well-rounded bouquet.

The finest aroma meets the highest level. Our craft beers taste the way the bottles are shaped: elegant and exclusive. Our art of brewing, which has been handed down over the centuries, coupled with our feeling for the pulse of the times, forms the basis for our craft beer edition. A new generation of elegant beers, which harmonize perfectly with the diverse enjoyment and lifestyle of today. Each craft beer from our specialty brewery is an exclusive drinking experience - and a figurehead of our master brewer's art of brewing. Some of our craft beers are aged in selected barrels for refinement.

Enjoyment is our passion, especially when it comes to drinking pleasure. That is why a few years ago we created the Midi’s apple juice – naturally cloudy spritzer in order to be able to offer a natural and noticeably better drinking experience in the fruit juice sector - true to the motto NATURALLY GOOD.


We have now expanded this range to include two more exciting, fruity premium lemonades and at the same time gave the appearance a fresh and contemporary look.

Our concept is simple, very simple: only 100% natural ingredients. Together with the fresh mountain spring water of the Zillertal, it turns into fine premium lemonades and fruit juices that taste like home-made. A refreshment like in the past. For today. NATURALLY GOOD.


Quality wines from the most beautiful vineyards in Austria and Italy complete our offer for you in a perfect way. So that you can offer your guests everything that friends of authentic regional hospitality want.

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