Treasures of nature

Water. Malt. Hops. And a lot of time. Nothing has changed in our brewing philosophy for over 500 years.

At the beginning are always, fresh mountain water from the Zillertal, malt from the best local grain and the finest aroma hops from carefully selected growing areas.

We refine these natural raw materials with an ingredient that is very rarely found today: time. The particularly long fermentation and storage times give our beers their distinctive character.
The glass of Zillertal beer, which may be just in front of you, has come an exciting way. Taste the care that we put into our beer specialties from the field to the beer glass.


Good things are so close - and right on our doorstep: The spring-fresh Zillertal mountain water is our most valuable raw material and the source of our natural beer specialties. With a German hardness of just 2.7 degrees, our water is extremely soft and ideal for brewing beer. It makes our beer specialties so fine and round.


We know our farmers by their first names. Together we look for and find the suitable soils on which the grain grows best. The indigenous, two-line spring barley is processed into various types of malt in Austria, each of which gives the beers their own unique and fine body. Incidentally, the Fisser Imperial barley is 100% grown in Tyrol and processed into two different types of malt.


For our beer specialties, we only use the finest aroma varieties from the best growing areas. Due to the long partnerships with the farmers, some of them are grown exclusively for us in the Mühlviertel. With their fine aroma and restrained bitterness, they ensure excellent drinking pleasure.


In addition to the ingredients that are essential for brewing beer, we give our beer specialties another special ingredient. The time to mature in peace. The particularly long and cold fermentation and storage times give our beers their unique taste and unmistakable character.


The combination of the brewing art developed over centuries, combined with the most modern technology of today, guarantees the best processing of the high-quality ingredients. For the further development of our naturally contemporary beer culture, we have even set up our own specialty brewery, in which 500 liters can be brewed.


Nature gives us ingredients of the best quality. It is not only for this reason that it is our responsibility to preserve and protect them sustainably. In everything we do, we think of future generations.

But responsibility also means putting people at the center: Our team, our partners and our customers can trust our sense of responsibility and our loyalty as a family-run company. For 16 generations.

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