Amazing numbers

Anno 1506

The Landgasthof Linde in Stumm is our oldest customer. We have been supplying it for over 500 years.

2000000 liters

Due to the long and cold fermentation and storage times, around a third of the beer specialties are stored in the tanks at various stages of maturity. That corresponds to around two million liters.

50 times

Disposable glass uses 50 times more primary raw materials than reusable glass.

12 tons

Some of our specialty beers are brewed with organically grown ingredients. This saves around 12,000 kilograms of herbicides and pesticides every year.

103 liters

Austria has an average yearly beer consumption of
103 liters per person, vice world champions.

88000 trees

The photovoltaic system on the roof of our brewery, the purchase of 100% green electricity, the use of an energy recovery system in the brewery and the in-house carbon dioxide recovery save around 1.100,000 kilograms of CO2 annually. In other words, you would need to plant around 88.000 trees.

10000000 bottles

We fill around 10 million bottles a year. This corresponds to:

Per hour

14.000 bottles (at 0.5 l)
16.000 bottles (at 0.33 l)

Per day

with a running time of 6.5 hours / filling day
approx. 90,000 bottles (at 0.5 l)
approx. 105,000 bottles (at 0.33 l)

Per week

approx. 250,000 bottles

15000000 cells

Around 15 million yeast cells per milliliter of wort are in a fermentation tank. This corresponds to approx. 900 trillion cells per tank (volume 600 hl). During the main fermentation, the yeast multiplies threefold to 2.7 trillion cells per tank (600 hl).

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