Midi’s - natural premium refreshments from Tyrol

Enjoyment is our passion, especially when it comes to drinking pleasure. That is why a few years ago we created the Midi’s apple juice – naturally cloudy spritzer in order to be able to offer a natural and noticeably better drinking experience in the fruit juice sector - true to the motto NATURALLY GOOD.
We have now expanded this range to include two more exciting, fruity premium lemonades and at the same time gave the appearance a fresh and contemporary look.
Our concept is simple, very simple: only 100% natural ingredients. Together with the fresh mountain spring water of the Zillertal, it turns into fine premium lemonades and fruit juices that taste like home-made. A refreshment like in the past. For today. NATURALLY GOOD.

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Das BrauKunstHaus ist wieder geöffnet

Nach einer längeren Pause als ursprünglich erwartet, freuen wir uns euch ab sofort wieder bei uns im BrauKunstHaus begrüßen zu dürfen.
Im Rahmen des spannenden und multimedial inszenierten Rundgangs haben Besucher die Gelegenheit, mehr über das Gestern, Heute und Morgen unseres Familienbetriebs sowie Einzigartigkeiten der Region zu erfahren.

In der großzügigen Ausstellung finden alle Gäste ausreichend Platz und können die erforderlichen Mindestabstände wahren. Darüber hinaus wurden zahlreiche Vorsichtsmaßnahmen getroffen, um einen sicheren Aufenthalt zu gewährleisten. Weil der spannende Besuch mit einer genussvollen Verkostung unserer Bierspezialitäten abschließt, gelten die aktuellen Covid-19-Auflagen für die Gastronomie.

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Doing business with responsibility!

As part of the “Tyrolean Success Stories”, companies, initiatives or projects are presented that are particularly exemplary in promoting sustainability and doing business responsibly.
At Zillertal Bier we brew the finest Tyrolean beer specialties with the best ingredients from intact nature. It is therefore a matter of course for us to deal responsibly with our valuable resources. For more than 500 years and 16 generations.
The nomination for the “Tirol Change Award 2020” confirms our efforts.


Zillertal Challenge
A echter Zillertaler geht nit unter!

Im Rahmen der Zillertal Challenge wurden wir von der Zillertal Arena nominiert. Die Challenge ist in dieser herausfordernden Zeit eine freudige Abwechslung, die zeigt, dass man trotz allem den Humor nicht verlieren darf. Wir sind überzeugt, dass wir alle diese Pandemie gut überstehen werden, so dass wir uns bald wieder von unserer geselligen, gastlichen und kulinarischen Seite mit unseren regionalen Bierspezialitäten zeigen können. 

The BrauKunstHaus is open

We are now looking forward to welcoming visitors to the BrauKunstHaus.
As part of an exciting multimedia tour, you can discover how the country and its people form our beer specialties and learn about some of the Zillertal secrets.

This video gives you a first taste of the varied world of experience.

Water gives our beer specialties their life.

That is why we are particularly proud of our spring-fresh mountain water from Zillertal. With 2.7 German degrees of hardness, it is perfect for brewing beer. Beer consists of more than 90% water. That is why our special water makes our beer specialties a unique drinking pleasure.

Only the best grain is good enough for us!

Malt gives our beer specialties their body. Austrian farmers therefore cultivate valuable grain for us according to the strictest guidelines, which is later malted into various types. A special, almost forgotten variety has been grown again for us in Tyrol since 2013: the Fisser Imperial barley. The farmers get four times the world market price and we have a very special ingredient for authentic Tyrolean beer enjoyment.

Good comes from good. The finest only from the finest.

For us, hops are like green gold. They give our beer specialties their soul. That is why we only use the finest aroma varieties. Selected hop growers, with whom we have already had partnerships for generations, grow this valuable ingredient for us. The special Cascade variety, for example, is even grown exclusively for us in Mühlviertel. For the finest drinking pleasure, sip by sip.

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